Studio Profil Gas Fires

The Gazco Studio Profil gas fire features timeless styling that fits in perfectly with virtually all interiors. Furthermore, the Studio Profil gas fire offers you stunning...


Studio Duplex Double-Sided Gas Fires

One of the latest exciting additions to the Gazco Studio gas fires range is the Studio 2 Duplex – offering unrivalled flame pictures in two rooms at once! Available in the...


Studio Glass Gas Fires

Sleek, chic and shining, the Gazco Studio Glass gas fire offers you a striking focal point around which you can create your own distinctive interior...


Studio Edge + Gas Fires

The Gazco Studio Edge+ gas fire provides a similarly frameless ‘hole-in-the-wall’ fire look as the Edge, and offers the benefit of a very simple finishing. This slim decorative frame, overlays the finished wall surface to provide...

Studio 1

The Studio 1 is the smallest gas fire in the range and can be selected in either Open Fronted or high efficiency Glass Fronted versions. Studio 1 Glass Fronted fires are offered in in either conventional flue or balanced flue models with a choice of fuel effects and linings. A freestanding, Glass Fronted stove version of this stunning fire is also available.

Studio 2

Available as either an Open Fronted or high efficiency Glass Fronted fire, the mid-sized Studio 2 offers impressive flames and heat output. Studio 2 Glass Fronted fires come in conventional or balanced flue options with a choice of fuel effects and lining options. A freestanding Glass Fronted stove version, with a choice of finishes, offers an ultra-contemporary alternative.

Studio 3

Presenting a truly breath-taking view of the expansive flame visuals, the Studio 3 is the largest size in the range and can be selected as an Open Fronted or Glass Fronted fire. The Glass Fronted version can be tailored with a choice of linings and fuel effects to suit your interior.

Studio Slimline

The high efficiency Studio Slimline fires have been specifically designed for cavity wall installations. Offered in a choice of two sizes, they feature an ultra-slim profile whilst still providing a superb view of the flames. Available with a choice of white stone, glass bead or realistic log fuel beds; these Glass Fronted fires provide a generous heat output and are supplied complete with a Balanced Flue rear termination installation kit.

Studio Duplex

The Studio Duplex allows the flame visuals to be enjoyed from either side. Producing up to 7.9kW of heat output, this Glass Fronted balanced flue fire has a highly realistic Log-effect fuel bed.

Studio 22

The portrait format Studio 22 presents a dramatically different aesthetic. Producing up to 5.85kW of heat output, this high efficiency Glass Fronted, Balanced Flue fire has a highly realistic fuel bed to complement the rolling flames.

Choosing The Right Studio Gas Fire For Your Home…

The Studio is a versatile and diverse range of gas fires, with each model having its own special features ranging from visual appeal to heating performance and styling options to installation possibilities. This gas fire range is available in four different sizes, visit our Studio sizes page for more information.

Depending on the model, there is a wealth of options for both conventional and balanced flue installations. Within the conventional flue selection there are both Open Fronted and Glass Fronted fires, whilst all balanced flue models are available as Glass Fronted only.Our near invisible Glass Fronted fires have greatly increased heating efficiency whilst maintaining all the visual appeal of the Open Fronted Studios. The balanced flue make installation possible for most homes, even those without a chimney!

Remote Controls

All Open Fronted fires in the Studio range are supplied with a state-of-the-art Standard remote as standard, allowing you to operate everything from ignition to flame height and heat output from the comfort of your sofa.

The Glass Fronted Studios come complete with the new look Programmable Thermostatic remote that also includes the additional benefits of a programmable timer and thermostatic controls, ensuring that whenever you return home, your house will always be warm and welcoming.


Open Studio – White Stone and Glass Bead Fuel Bed (Conventional Flue)

All Open Studio gas fires incorporate Gazco’s ultra contemporary flame-effect: a ribbon of modulating flames dancing over a bed of small white stones, beautifully reflected by the sparkling stainless front plate. There is also the additional option of a polished black granite interior to further increase the reflective qualities of the fire. You can upgrade your white stones to one of three optional glass bead sets which will further enhance the ribbon flames. Open Studios are one of the few gas fires on the market that allow the possibility of installing a Plasma, LCD or LED television above them for a great visual centrepiece*.

Open Studio White Stones Effect

Glass Fronted Studio – Pebbles & Stone Fuel Bed

Ceramic pebbles positioned on a bed of stones offer an ambient beach vibe with this beautifully contemporary fuel effect for Glass Fronted Studio fires. Featuring tall flames that roll across the fire’s white stone bed, this stylish fuel effect makes a designer statement whilst offering a natural warmth. Pebble & Stone can be selected with EchoFlame Black Glass, Vermiculite or Black Reeded lining options.

pebbles and white stone fuel effect

Glass Fronted Studio – Log-effect Fuel Bed

Glass Fronted Studio gas fires can be selected with the highly realistic, hand-painted log effect fuel bed, for a natural wood burning aesthetic that looks just like a real log fire. Tall flames jump and dance between the logs for a mesmerising focal point that will captivate and entice. Log-effect can be selected with either the mirror-like EchoFlame Black Glass, light Vermiculite or elegant Black Reeded lining options.

log effect fuel bed lining

Glass Fronted Studio – Driftwood-effect Fuel Bed

Glass Fronted Studio fires can be selected with the highly realistic, weathered beach Driftwood-effect fuel bed – perfect for if you’re looking for something a little different from the traditional logs. Driftwood-effect can be complemented by Vermiculite, Black Reeded or either the depth-enhancing EchoFlame Black Glass.

*Open Fronted only. Please note that due to the higher efficiency of the Glass Fronted Studios, Gazco does not recommend installing televisions above these fires.