Special Offers:

Variety of Large Baskets

Some of our large baskets are now HALF price. Perfect for storing your logs next to your home fire. Call instore for a look and see if you can find the right basket to suit you!

Great for storing your kiln dried hardwood.

WAS: € 100-280   NOW: € 50-220

Ceramic barbecue grill design allows keeping the heat and reaching temperature up to 400C. As well, using KAMADO barbecue grills you can adjust air flow and temperature in a most precise manner; KAMADO grills, therefore, are very similar to wood-fired ovens and can be used to roast and bake food in the same manner as you would do in a regular oven. KAMADO barbecue grills are designed not only for meat grilling or smoking, they can be used to bake pizza, cookies, pies and bread.

Ceramic Multi-Purpose Barbeques

Special Offer: € 399

Outside fireplaces that create atmospheric and cosy atmosphere and allows you to spend the evenings outdoors. Jøtul outdoor fires give you close proximity to the open flames in a lofty and a safe fireplace that can stand outdoors all seasons. The outdoor fireplace can be used as a fire place for cosiness and warmth, or as a barbecue. With a base plate, it can stand on the terrace without damaging the surface.

Outdoor Fires

All Jotul Outdoor Fires come with free accessory kit. (While stocks last)