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Product Details:

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Since its successful launch in 2011,the Alpha I multi fuel and wood burning stove has set new standards for the traditionally styled small radiant stove in terms of its excellent performance and value for money.  With its clean burning pre-heated tertiary air, its outstanding 84.3% efficiency and its superior cast iron and precision engineered premium

steel bodywork, you’d be hard pushed to find a better value 5kW stove – even for twice the money.  As an officially listed Defra Smoke Exempt Appliance you’ll be able to burn wood legally in a UK Smoke Control Area (as well as approved smokeless coal) – and you’ll also be burning a lot less of it too because of the Alpha’s class-leading efficiency and excellent controllability.  With the Alpha’s Five Year Guarantee and easy-to-maintain construction,

we’re confident that you’ll be enjoying the home comforts and benefits of cheap abundant heat for many, many years to come.




Clean Burn Combustion System

The Alpha’s pre-heated Secondary and Tertiary combustion air flow

maximises burn efficiency and reduces particulate emissions, such

as soot, for the cleanest operation. Uniquely, our Tertiary Air is

introduced to the fire chamber through jets in a cast iron back plate

which allows it to stay hot long after the fuel load has burned down

thus maintaining heat in the fire chamber to promote cleaner burning

and cleaner glass even at the end of the heat cycle.


Airwash Glass Cleaning System

The Alpha Airwash system helps to keep the glass clean by sending

pre-heated Secondary combustion air across the Alpha’s big picture

window to wash any unburned dry particulates back into the fire

chamber for re-combusting.

Pre-heated Tertiary Air jets within the cast iron back plate, which

takes the place of the rear fire brick, and the vermiculite heatdeflecting

side panels ensure that the fire chamber stays as hot as

possible for maximum efficiency and improved cleaner burning as

well as cleaner glass.


Efficient Multi Fuel Operation

The Alpha features an open grate which can easily allow mineral

fuel ash to be riddled and deposited in the full-width ash pan below.

However, when required it will also permit a sufficient bed of wood

embers and ash to be built up which is essential for effective and

efficient wood burning. Primary and Secondary air controls allow you

to precisely deliver the correct type of combustion air depending on

your choice of wood or mineral fuels.


Totally controllable heat

Highly responsive controls for Primary Air (air delivered from under

the grate for burning mineral fuels) and pre-heated Secondary Air (air

delivered from above the grate for burning wood), make it easier for

you to set the fuel burn rate to effectively prolong the life of the fuel

load and maximise fuel economy.


Long Life Premium Build Quality

UK designed and UK CE tested (except Alpha II, tested in Holland),

the precision engineered and robot-welded steel bodywork, superior

F-type detailed castings and premium quality components (from

companies such as Forest Paint of USA and Schott Glass of Germany)

ensure that Alpha stoves will continue to provide pleasurable heat for

many years to come.

Alpha stoves are also designed with the minimum number of parts

which are also simple to replace. Our spares are amongst the lowest

priced components available from any stove manufacturer, making

it easier and cheaper to keep your Alpha clean burn stove operating

just like new.



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